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Here at FestelleDownload.com and in association with our partners at www.CatzClub.co.uk, we are able to offer a variety of live mixed wrestling sessions. Based in both Farnham and Nottingham we can offer a variety of style of session and a warm and friendly welcome when you visit us. Please contact us with any questions about mixed sessions - we give you basic details about our star (quite literally!) mixed wrestler based in Nottingham below:

We are delighted to announce that we can offer live mixed wrestling sessions at our extensive matted area just outside Nottingham, England.

We have a number of girls available for sessions, but by far and away the cream of the crop is Star. She is a great character, a competitive girl with a natural wrestling ability, and is picking up new holds and moves all the time. Have a look at her pic below:

We are able to offer sessions of competitive wrestling, semi-competitive wrestling, fantasy or domination wrestling - but please note we do NOT offer any sexual services. Our ladies are wrestlers not prostitutes!

You can choose whether your session girl wears a wrestling singlet, bikini, fancy dress of your choice or topless - simply let us know your preference as different girls offer different options.

You can choose whether your match is private with just a chaperone (male or female) present, or whether you have a DVD shot of the session for your personal enjoyment.

If you are interested in having a mixed session please simply email us
HERE and tell us what sort of session you would like and we can then tell you who would be available and the costs.

We have now activated all links to all genres of fight and are currently able to offer over 1000 catfights, female wrestling and mixed wrestling fights for your enjoyment. The new site works slightly differently, and a lot quicker than before:

1. Select your category of fight that you are interested in.
2. Select your sub category of fight that you are interested in.
3. Go directly to the product listing with description and pictures all on one page along with an immediate Buy It link!

No Java menus, drop downs or anything else to slow page-loads down. Enjoy!


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Topless & Nude
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Competitive Wrestling -Bikini, Topless, Nude
Domination -
Female and Mixed
Erotic - Catfights,Fantasy, Lesbian, Pin, Straddle etc.
Mixed - All genres of mixed fighting erotic to real
Muscle Women - Body Builders In Action
Oil, Mud & Messy
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Real Female Fights - From around the world
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