CATEGORY: Erotic Lesbian Wrestling


E119-1 Wildcat and Tanya

E119-2 Sammy-Jane and Lisa

E119- 3 Diamond and Tigger


 Nikki (aka Wildcat) doesn’t quite know what she’s let herself in for when she enters the abode of Tanya, hoping to rent a room. She’s a little surprised to be introduced to the ‘wrestling room’ and when the enticing and mysterious Tanya offers to wrestle her naked, Wildcat just has to say yes. After several minutes of energetic competition, the focus turns to body worship – neither Wildcat nor Tanya can resist one another. They nuzzle, suck and massage breasts, until their competitive instinct has been replaced by a drive for pure sensual pleasure. Then, lazy plumber Lisa gets more than she bargained for when Sammy-Jane finds her slacking on the job. They end up wrestling naked on the grass outside, but all the excitement soon transforms it into another steamy sexual encounter. Finally, Diamond dominates big-breasted Tigger on the mat, squeezing her tits and sitting on her face, until she’s had her wicked way.



Comment: A teasing combination of nude wrestling and girl-on-girl erotica.



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